Looking towards YHA Pwll Deri

Week in Pembrokeshire in a YHA work-party to paint and decorate Pwll Deri. Turns out I’m the only person who turns up, and the hostel manager appears for about an hour on two of the days. So rather a solitary experience. I do my bit of painting, and tidy up around the hostel, pulling up weeds and getting rid of brambles. The weather holds well, and I have long walks each afternoon and into the evening as darkness descends. With no moon the stars are brilliant and profuse. The milky way passes overhead and I see the odd shooting star. I walk into Fishguard on one night-time, along roads, allowing my eyes to accustom to the dark, I can do without the torch. There is light in the sky, and the clouds are discernible in shades of warm-greys. I can also sense the crown of the road beneath my feet, so can keep more-or-less to the centre of the road. On the last evening I walk out southwards along the coast path at about 3pm, and only turn back as the last light fades two hours later. On the narrow track I do now need a torch and wend my way back in the darkness, broken by the four-beat pulse of the light-house at Strumble Head.

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