Wysis Way

Telford’s bridge over the Severn. The Wysis Way, Gloucestershire Way and Three Choirs Way converge on this point.

From the ancient earthwork of Offa’s Dyke, built to the order of Offa, the powerful king of Mercia (the English Midlands), in 800 AD, to the infant Thames risking from the limestone high in Gloucestershire, the Wysis Way runs for 55 miles through the distinctive areas of the Forest of Dean, Severn Vale and Cotswold. Linking two great National Trails, Offa’s Dyke Path and the Thames Path, it provides continuous walking for 400miles from the North Wales coast to Greenwich.

The guidebook, last updated by Gerry Stewart in 2012, can still be obtained from him by post, by following the links here: http://www.countryside-matters.co.uk.

There is a page devoted to the walk on the Long Distance Walkers’ Association Website.

A consortium of Gloucestershire walkers is looking to engage with various local agencies to promote the walk better and to ensure this fine route is properly celebrated and lasts into the future. Work has been underway for a number of years to ensure the route is clear and signage is adequate.

Recent route surveys have determined that the Wysis Way is in good repair, and follows both the guidebook (discussed above) and the line as shown on OS maps (see downloads, below).


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Notes on the way

This is an ad hoc section to record route issues. Overtime it may expand into a full real-time route guide. Right now, I’ll record here any noted issues or observations. I’ll try to order these according to the line of the route, starting in Monmouth and ending in Kemble.

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